Netatmo – Part 1

The Netatmo ecosystem annoys me so much that I decided to document all the failures here. Maybe I can get all potential buyers to think twice before they spend their hard earned money on a Netatmo product.

Just to clarify the my setup beforhand.

I have two routers and a total of five (!) repeaters to provide a strong WiFi signal. Five repeaters? Yes, dear future buyer. The Presence cameras in particular depends on a setup like this because they have a shitty wifi antenna and are too stupid to work in a mesh (but instead of working on this, they threw a white version of the presence on the market. Yippie yah yei!). And, yes, a setup like this is pretty expensive. So dear future buyer: this increases the price tag of your Netatmo products. Be aware of this.

I have

7 Presence cameras
2 Welcome cameras
10 Valves
1 Themostat
10 Smoke alarms
9 Door/window tags

Let’s start with the chronology of horrors (which I will publish on several other channels too).

2022-11-19, max temperature 6.2 degrees celsius, min. temp 1.1 degrees celsius.


At 4:30 p.m. two presence cameras stopped working at the same time. For seven hours there is no monitoring now. No! I’m not going to cut the power again to restart this sh***. This is a security product. It just has to work. Damn it!




Netatmo Doorbell

At 11:01 a.m. my doorbell stopped working. For 12 1/2 hours I have a dead door bell now.




For the past three days now, two of my valves stopped working properly. The temperature reading is not correct and the “True Temperature”-Feature, to adjust the gap, is not available. And what is Netatmo doing while my rooms are either over- or underheated? Nothing. I guess I don’t have to mention that gas is quite expensive these days, huh?

False and real readings:






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