Netatmo – Part 2 – The Lie

This day starts with the conclusion that the cameras and the door bell are still playing dead man, but also with a lie.


The Lie

The Netatmo Energy portal claims that the valves turned up during the night and heated two rooms. Quite apart from the fact that they weren’t allowed to do that according to my settings (7 degrees at night), my smart meter proves that not a single cubic meter of gas has flowed. See for yourself, dear future buyer.


My smartmeter reading. Gas started to flow at around six o’clock. But this was because the water was heated up.



This is the temperature curve of the living room during the night.

Let’s see what happens next.


10:29 a.m.

Because of the false readings of the valves and the fact that the “true temperature”-feature isn’t working at the moment (which is why I can’t correct the gap), the valves thinks the threshold value of 7 degrees has been undercut and switches on the heating. In other words: Netatmo forces me to throw away my money because of their false algorithm.

This is the real temperature of the room


2:50 p.m.

Still haven’t heard anything from my two dead presence cameras and the netatmo doorbell. They remain dead. Nearly 24 hours without full surveillance now.

Oh … and – surprise – the True Temperature-Feature is still dead too, but the Netatmo-Status claims that all services are up and running.


They are not:



I’ve contacted them via Facebook Messenger on Thursday, by the way. Today it’s Sunday. Okay. I must admit, I reported at 10 p.m. But nevertheless: I am not the only one who complains. I am sure they are aware of this incident by now.

7:25 p.m.

We’ll … let’s have a look at the next wonderful incident.

7:40 p.m

The thermostat, valves and relay got back after a couple of minutes.

7:55 p.m.

I gave up and cut the power. The cameras rebooted and are now all back online.

Let’s see for how long.

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