Netatmo – Part 3 – Hell

A look at my Netatmo app in the morning is always good for a surprise. Today, I’m greeted by an exclamation mark, telling me, that the valve in the bedroom is unavailable. Since this is one of two valves whose temperature gap is no longer adjustable, I just shrugged my shoulders and made myself a coffee.

I spilled the coffee right away when I discovered the screenshot of a user in the Netatmo forum. The man lives in hell or has a fusion reactor in his bedroom, according to the temperature reading of his valve.

Although the threshold is at 15 degrees and the room is already at 6399.5 degrees celsius (LOL), heating is on.

I’m going to make my second coffee now, knowing that one thing is for certain: some Netatmo device will surely serve me the next laugh soon. Which one will it be? Stay tuned.

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